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I was raised in Florida where I spent many days of my youth reading the books I happily teach today. One of my primary interests had always been English so when I graduated high school, teaching immediately called to me. After a visit to Philadelphia with my wife, we quickly fell in love with the history and culture of the city and decided to move there. I dove into college work there where I received my teaching degree and haven't looked back since!



- Graduate of Temple University's College of Education program

- Double major in English Literature and Secondary-Education

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- Internship at Widner Memorial School 

- Assistant Teacher at Dobbins Technical High School

- Assistant Teacher at Kensington Health and Science Center

- Assistant Teacher Friends Central School 

- English Teacher at High School 

Teaching Philosophy

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“Proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you have always known.” 

― Frank Herbert, Dune

Our truths, the real and elusive truths that define us, are universal. They are the truths we see in our heroes, our ideals, our myths, and our loved ones. It binds us as a society and as a species. By our nature, we seek to understand; to connect with each other. As a teacher… I too seek to understand. To understand my students and connect with their experience through literature. Although we come from different ages, walks of life, and social-economic background, there are profound things that we can share that transcend those differences. We can experience the same emotions, identify with the same stories, and understand the same perspectives through education.  As a teacher, it is my privilege to guide my students towards recognizing those truths in themselves and other people. To the connections that resonate within us and make us stronger as a people. This was once done to me by my mentor, as was done to him by his, and as was done going back to Socrates. We are part of this line of greatness, in this moment, as an unbroken line of educators and pupils. The truths that connect us not only to our past but to the futures we will create. Which is why I lay the foundation of my teaching philosophy and style upon this core principle: Seeking truth in knowledge for the betterment of ourselves and others.

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