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Hello, parents! It is an honor to be able to teach your students English this semester and we have many wonderful ideas planned for this year. Each quarter we give out a newsletter in which we outline the upcoming semester, discuss which books we will read, and announce student accolades from the previous quarter. It is a great way as a parent to know what you child is learning and how best to help them during the year.

- John Bateman 

On 12/13 we'll be having our annual book fair for students and parents alike so feel free to join us! We'll be selling books, raising money for new ones, and taking donations. At the fair we'll have door prizes, refreshments, and games all in the name of English education. Please feel free to download and share the attached flyer to your friends and colleagues. 

Lastly, I also maintain an education blog on Wordpress. It's a great place to stop by if you're interesting in getting more involved with your child's education beyond high school and even into the job market. I try to focus on practical things for both parents and students can do while making a positive effect in the community at large. Also hear the latest on new pedagogical breakthroughs and musing on educational policy. Together I think we can make a difference in the lives of children in Philadelpha.

The Dialectic Journey:

Other Resources


- Princeton Public Library (an excellent source for books and articles!) -

- Interactive Technology and Smart Education (a technology based website promoting technical knowledge for the next generation) -

- Building a Better Vocabulary (a PDF book by Kevin Flanigan on increase your reading and retention power! Amazing at any age) -

- Perdue Writing Lab (a plethora of resources from writing of all kinds as well as citing sources in academic papers. An invaluable tool) -

- U.S. Department of Education (a major hub for any educational news, programs, and standards as they affect the nation) -

- Learning Disabilities Association of America (know your rights! If your child has any special needs or disabilities there are many programs out there designed to help you at no cost. An excellent organization. -

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